A Message From the President


Why do I garden? I was born to it!  Gardening is generational. My mother, grandmother and various aunts and cousins all gardened. In my yard I have a peach tree my grandmother planted, a rose bush that came from my great grandmother’s house, a collection of succulents that my sister gave to my mother, bulbs from an aunt, a kumquat tree from a cousin,  and lots of other plants from friends and some strangers.
Gardening is an exercise in optimism that keeps us planting season after season. We remember last year’s failures, but we still plant and are surprised at the results. Each season is an opportunity for success and a hope for the future.
Gardening is a rewarding and healthy hobby.  It strengthens the body and calms the mind and is an outlet for our creative talents. It is a pleasure for our both our souls and our minds. It is good exercise, a good source of Vitamin D and cheaper than a gym membership.
A Garden Club is a great tool for socializing with a gathering of like-minded people. Meeting with a group with shared common interests enables you to learn more about each other and build enduring friendships. You already have something in common to talk about.
So let’s gather together – and garden.
Susan Chappell